How to Start a Moving Company in Georgia –

How to Start a Moving Company in GeorgiaMoving companies have grown in popularity. Households and even business establishments seek help of the experts in the moving labor services industry in transporting their things. How to start a moving company in Georgia is simple just like any other businesses. Initially you need to have the basic requirements. Then, you may heed the following tips on how to start a moving company in Georgia. 

How To Start A Moving Company In Georgia: Head to the State’s Information Center

To know everything you must know about starting a moving company in Georgia, the centralized information center operating under the Georgia Secretary of State can be contacted. The said office is called the First Stop Business Information Center. It can help you on information regarding the necessary documents you must obtain and in contacting the offices where you could get them.

How To Start A Moving Company In Georgia: Business Pre-Requisites

Before you register your business at the Georgia Secretary State’s website and pay certain registration fees, you need to make sure that you got the following covered:

  • A      comprehensively outlined business plan

Aside from its usual contents such as marketing strategy, costs and revenues, you should clarify the nature of your business. Certain moving companies only do local or out-of-town services so be sure to clarify which service your business offers.

  • Company  name

Starting a moving company in Georgia means you have to come up with a name that would catch the residents’ interests. A name certificate will need to obtained later on.

  • Operating  equipment, supplies and personnel

The most essential component of a moving company is a commercial truck.  Either you lease or purchase one is up to you. Next would be the moving supplies such as boxes, foam wraps, ropes, packing paper, etc. Lastly would be the driver. A commercial driver’s license from Georgia Department of Driver Services should be obtained by your hired personnel.

  • Insurance

In operating a moving company, you need to insure your company. In the future that any mishaps and damage to the client’s items are done during the moving process, this will protect the company as well as the client.

  • Market

Starting you own website will help you gain customers. Making your contact number and address published on online business directories will make the residents aware of the new moving company.

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