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The Georgia Real Estate market has remained strong with options varied for home buyers and sellers. The average price for a waterfront rental in Georgia is above that of the national average price. There is no cause for alarm though as this includes various budget plans; right from an impressive 750 square foot studio up to remarkable three acre executive retreats for well under $5000 a month. Georgia real estate market has remained very favorable for home buyers for quite a while now. The reason may be unclear though as to the general preference of the buyers but it sure is nice to own a home in Georgia. Whatever the reason for your preference for buying a home in Georgia, there are always valuable options for you that would suit your budget.

Based on Georgia real estate market, the average home prices have picked up an increase over the recent months. The trend is probably going to be experienced for quite a while into the future. In January, the average for a single family house was listed at $230,000. However the 484 houses listed for sell in March significantly raised the average to $250,000. The townhouse too experienced a similar trend with the prices for homes listed for sale rising from $145,000 in January to $164,000 in March. The upward trend from Georgia real estate market means the prices are set to rise a little higher in the months to come, too. The best fact about Georgia though is the great house deals that fit into any home buying budget.

The waterfront listing for the month of March shows that waterfront properties in Georgia remain strong in the Georgia real estate market. The listing is given below for the various available options: • Rental property: – $2,037 • Townhome or Condo: – $278,000 • Mobile or Manufactured: – $157,000 • Single family: – $645,000

The prices might be a little over the average national price but the offers are worth your money. With prices, rising each month, it would be a wise idea to utilize the Georgia Real Estate Market as soon as you are capable of.


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