Nigerian Businesses in Atlanta Georgia – Thriving in the Diaspora –

With the many businesses flourishing in Georgia, the Nigerian businesses in Atlanta seem to be the thriving as well despite the current diaspora they are in. Making up about a half of the whole population in Atlanta, blacks or African Americans have contributed many businesses in the city. In 2010, Atlanta was even named as the “Black Mecca” since it is the 4th largest city where black individuals are the majority and this is in the whole United States. But, you may ask yourself, why have Nigerian businesses in Atlanta continue to thrive despite the current economic state. Here are the reasons why.

Reasons Why Nigerian Businesses in Atlanta Continue to Flourish • Nigerian businesses in Atlanta are creatively and strategically thought of. With the many competitions arising in the business sector each day, Nigerian businesses in Atlanta are developed by business owners by thinking out of the box. They see that if their Nigerian businesses in Atlanta are more creatively and strategically thought off, they will be able to attract all kinds of customers and patrons. Two examples of such are Buka Restaurant owned by Babs Abraham who grew up in Lagos State in Nigeria. He mentioned that his restaurant business located in Atlanta, Georgia is successful since it is a specialty business focusing on Nigerian dishes. Another is Zeribe Law Offices, a prominent personal injury and immigration law offices owned by Attorney, Zeribe Ned Ogueri, who attributes the survival and success of his law firm to creative thinking and sheer hard work.

• Nigerian businesses in Atlanta are owned by hard working people. Most of the black people, especially Nigerians, in Atlanta are notable for being hardworking. They are known to do the best they can as well as patient and passionate in what they do. This, in general, is what makes up a good and successful business owner. This is also the reason why Nigerian businesses in Atlanta. Their businesses are composed of hardworking individuals that look at success right into the eye.

Nigerian businesses in Atlanta are thriving and may continue to do for many years to come despite the state of the economy. All they need to do is have creative and strategic thinking about their business. They must also not lose their passion and patience – surely, their business is bound for success.


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