How to Start a Bail Bonding Company in Georgia

The bail bonding business first started in 1898. Now, there are bail bonding companies around the United States. Bail bonding companies offer bail bonds to the family of an accused criminal and requires a certain percentage of the bail amount set by the court to be given to them in cash. In Georgia, each county was allowed to set their own regulation on how to start a bonding company. Starting a bonding company in Georgia means you have to abide by the licensing specifications set by each county. Read more [...]
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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer Fees, Atlanta Deportation Attorney Fees

An Atlanta immigration lawyer , Atlanta deportation attorney, compared with a Marietta immigration lawyer is known to charge slightly similar fees in representing Georgia immigrants both in filing for immigration petitions, such as: deportation and criminal defense, citizenship, work visas, asylum, green cards or obtaining permanent residence, asylum, deffered inspection, family based adjustment of status or representing clients in removal proceedings. Whether you are looking for an affordable deportation Read more [...]

Tips on Selecting the Best Atlanta Lawyers for Your Case

 There is no keyword in picking up the best Atlanta lawyers that you can entrust with your case. Whether you are searching for a good effective Atlanta personal injury lawyer,  immigration lawyer in Atlanta or Atlanta car accident attorney, they are often difficult to be chosen especially in the trend of the modern justice we have in our contemporary and up-to-minute world right now. Maybe, there are some, but most may not be that credible. According to Howard Scher, on his article, “Litigation: Read more [...]
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Considering Practicing Personal Injury Law in Metro Atlanta? Get to Know These Practice Areas:

  Considering a Personal Injury Practice? The Following List Can Help in Narrowing Down To A Practice Area: Personal Injury Personal injury refers to the damage inflicted to the human body, mind or emotions. This can be acquired through the following: accidents at work, accidents during sports activities, accidents at home, road accidents, physical attacks, simple tripping accidents, and others. Medical and dental malpractice can also result in . The degree of pain and suffering Read more [...]
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Law and Starting a Business

The first thing you need to do when you have decided to start a business is to determine the structure of the business. Once you have decided on the structure of your business, you should arrange for financing of the business. When it comes to financing the first thing you need to determine the amount of money needed for the business and how you intend to use that money. You must also determine how you are going to repay the money you borrow. There are many sources of funding the business. You can Read more [...]
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African Attorneys in Atlanta Georgia – Why African Immigrants Prefer Them

African lawyers in Atlanta Georgia – Why African Immigrants Prefer Them: Historically, 50 percent of Georgia’s population was composed of African American individuals. However, this number was reduced when African Americans decided to go to the north of the United States. Currently, 30.5 percent of the whole population of Georgia is composed of African American or Black individuals. It is this percentage which made Georgia rank third amongst the states having high percentage of African American Read more [...]

Business Formation

An experienced business law attorney can help you with business formation. When you decide to start a business, one of the main things to need to determine is the structure of your business. There are different legal structures for your business. Sole proprietorship is the easiest business structure. Sole proprietorship is the most basic and common of all business structures. It is the simplest of all business forms. They are the easiest type of entity to form and operate. Sole proprietorship Read more [...]
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Zoning Laws

Zoning laws regulate the use of land in a particular area of a city or town. The main objective of zoning law is to ensure that the city or town land is available for fair and orderly development. Zoning laws will determine the use of the land and the type of structure that can be built on the land. Generally zoning laws are passed by local councils. A person buying a plot of land to construct a structure on the land must check with the local zoning laws to ensure that he or she can construct the Read more [...]
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