How to Start a Dental Practice in Georgia


Whether you are an orthodontist, pediatric dentist, a prosthodontist, or anything related in the Dentistry profession, it’s not an unknown fact that all types of dentists pretty much have the same mission – to make people smile. Being a dentist is a different field. It has an artistic and medical approach buried beneath it. Maybe you can’t save people by having that profession; but you can surely help your patients have healthy teeth leading to a pretty smile. And that’s why a lot of dentists who are currently living in a community full of happy and vibrant people; are itching to know what’s the secret – on how to start a dental practice in Georgia. read more

Is Your Medical Information Safe with Medical Privacy Code

Medical privacy in any health institution is the art of keeping personal medical information of a patient confidential. In that case, it is the responsibility of a medical practitioner to keep the information of his or her patient within himself or herself.  This is an important aspect for any doctor or nurse to practice in their line of work. Medical privacy is one of the codes of conduct that is strictly followed by hospitals as well.

Medical Privacy and Medical Procedures Some patients feel that their medical information may not be safe for medical practitioners meet different kinds of people on a daily basis. Because of this, they tend to shy away in giving complete details when undergoing medical procedures. For instance, there are various problems that patients present to their medical experts. They include cases of molestation, rape cases, infectious diseases, and domestic violence. But, giving incomplete details is not good as it may block in the way of giving appropriate and full treatment. For a patient to put their trust in a medical practitioner there is need to build a positive relationship. They should also remind the patients about the code they follow regarding medical privacy. As a result of this, the medical expert will be able to offer suitable medical assistance to the patient. The patients can also rest assured that no matter what the result of their medical diagnosis is, no other people will know about it since their medical health practitioners value the code of medical privacy. read more