How to Start a Dental Practice in Georgia

dentistWhether you are an orthodontist, pediatric dentist, a prosthodontist, or anything related in the Dentistry profession, it’s not an unknown fact that all types of dentists pretty much have the same mission – to make people smile. Being a dentist is a different field. It has an artistic and medical approach buried beneath it. Maybe you can’t save people by having that profession; but you can surely help your patients have healthy teeth leading to a pretty smile. And that’s why a lot of dentists who are currently living in a community full of happy and vibrant people; are itching to know what’s the secret – on how to start a dental practice in Georgia.

How to Start a Dental Practice in Georgia

There are techniques on how to start a dental practice in Georgia. First of all, you need to become a dentist. You need to graduate from a dental school that is accredited by the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation. If you’re living in Georgia, you can check some accredited dental schools in your county such as the well-known Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine. After that, you need to pass the NBDE part I and II, as well as the Georgia’s state clinical examination, to acquire a state license.

What To Do Next

After you’ve obtained your license, seek a dental practitioner for advice. Having a mentor can give you a headstart on how to start a dental practice in Georgia. And after you have successfully acquired money for your startup capital; find a good location for your dental practice. Make sure it’s not in a desert, though. You still want to gain potential clients, right?

And Then What?

After you have done the primary steps on how to start a dental practice in Georgia, you need to move to the other things that needs to be done too, such as:

  • Register your office: First thing to do if you want to know how to start a dental practice in Georgia – register your office. The U.S. Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service needs to know your business exists. They’ll give you an Employment Identification Number after that.
  • Buy the needed dental equipment and supplies: This is another step on how to start a dental practice in Georgia, get the right equipments. Make sure to buy high-quality equipments that matches your chosen field in dentistry.
  • Hire employees: You may opt to hire dental hygienists, assistants, or even receptionists; but it depends on your location and If you want to start small first or make it big in an easy step.
  • Market your business: Contact insurance companies and sign with them; make a website online and advertise your profession; publicize it in local publications and magazines; and there’s nothing wrong using radio and television commercials as a form of marketing. Be creative!

Remember that when you’re a dentist, you focus on the mouth and nothing else. Be confident and outgoing as it can help you reach your goal successfully. Make sure to check other resources on how to start a dental practice in Georgia too.

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