Data Security Tips for Small and Medium-Sized Business Owners –

News about small and medium-sized business owners as well as individuals who got their files and data stolen or wiped out may not make the headlines in many newspapers and blogs, but it should be known to many that nobody is safe from cyber criminals. Even these people can be victims of cyber crimes not only big businesses and companies. It is therefore practical to devote some time and effort in intensifying your data security methods. Here are some critical tips that can save you or at least minimize your chance of being a victim of ill-intentioned cyber criminals who tends to weaken your data security the first chance they get.

• Anyone can be a target. This is one fact that everybody should keep in mind. To cyber criminals, there are no big or small business only juicy and easy targets. No individual or business is insignificant for online wrongdoers. To these online crooks, anyone with a bank account and weak data security system is the best target. Other than that, they may also be interested with customer information in your database. This information may include credit card numbers, bank account information, social security number and other personal information.

• Avoid weakening your data security through snowballing your accounts. Snow balling your accounts takes from the idea of a snowball avalanche. This is when you link your accounts to each other making it quite easy for the hackers to track all of your accounts just by accessing one of them. This is not only risky for individual users, but most especially risky to small business owners. Avoid linking your personal accounts to your business accounts. Make a separate email for business and a separate email for personal purposes. Avoid using your personal social networking account for business purposes. Create one solely for your business. This will help in improving your data security. If one account gets accessed by cyber criminals, your other accounts would be safe.

• Always back your files and data. This may appear to be too arduous, but this is one way to ensure that if your data security is breached and the cyber crook wiped out your system. You will still be able to restore most of it. Backup your files regularly. You can do it twice a month or monthly. Just make sure that you do not save your copies in just one file storage. You can never be too sure when your file storage may be broken.

Amplifying your data security is not a feat to be ignored as your data and files rely on how strong you keep your security is. No matter how troubled you feel it may be, take that extra step to keep your data intact.


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