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State Procurements Reform on state procurements is carried out with the support of the World Bank. Therefore World Bank missions are permanently monitoring institutional development of state procurement system in Georgia. Procurement specialists were trained and agency office equipped through IDF grant and SRS credit funds.

Formation of state procurement system in Georgia started in 1998 and was implemented in several steps, namely:

The law of Georgia on “State Procurements” was adopted in 1998 and came into force in 1999;

The provision on “Rules of making procurements” was approved in 1999.

Department of State Procurements was established within the Ministry of Economy in 1999.

In 2000 Georgia as a member of WTO was assigned the status of an observer on WTO governmental procurement agreement and preparations are ongoing for joining the agreement.

Constitution of Georgia, International treaties and agreements, Laws on “State Procurements” and “Legal Entity of Public Law”, Presidential Decree (June 5, 2001) and the Charter of the agency elaborated in accordance with abovementioned normative acts, serve as legal basis for agency activities.

Currently, Agency of State Procurements with the support of donor organizations is working on development of unified electronic system of state procurements that will reduce time limits for procurement procedures and raise their transparency, simplify and make it more productive to control procurement procedures and results. Information will be available for local as well as foreign providers of services and products. Accordingly, competitive environment will be created in the field and effectiveness of state funds spending will be raised.

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