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Simplified Licensing and Permitting Procedures

Georgia made the most extensive reforms, ranking as the top reformer for the second year in a row. … Shorter time limits were imposed for issuing permits. Several procedures were abolished … It is now as easy to comply with building regulations in Tbilisi as it is in Hong Kong.— World Bank Doing Business in 2007

Georgia has dramatically simplified licensing and permitting requirements to ease constraints on business. The total number of licenses and permits was reduced by 84%, in reforms that eliminated 756 licenses and permits and streamlined procedures. Georgia’s new licensing and permitting regime now provides:

  • Licenses and permits may be required only for:
    • Safety and health protection
    • Security of living conditions and cultural environment of individuals
    • Protection of state and public interests
  • Reduced statutory time limits for government action: 30 days for issuing licenses and 20 days for issuing permits.

“Silence is consent” – a permit or license is automatically granted if no government action is taken within statutory time limits.

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