The Economic Climate of Georgia That Make it Great for Doing Business

economic climate

As a world economic superpower, the United States has come out as one of the largest economies of the world. This is attributed mainly by the rich states that are located in the US. The Georgia economic climate is favorable for carrying out business. This attracts investors to the state to venture into different businesses. Georgia registers most of its revenue from agricultural produce like peanuts, cotton, poultry, and cattle.

The availability of soils rich in nutrients and vast land makes Georgia economic climate suitable for agriculture. In addition to that, livestock rearing is a common practice in Georgia due to the ideal climatic condition in the area. Georgia is among the leading producers of eggs and broiler chickens in the USA. In addition to that it is the leading producer of fruits like peaches. This makes it to be one of the most important states in the US in the generating of revenue. read more

Starting a New Business in Georgia


Starting a new business in Georgia is easy when you have the right resources, location and idea. These considerations come in a package, wherein if you picked the wrong one in it; you might not be able to gain success in your dream business. Georgia is a state located in the south eastern part of the United States. With its location and rich culture, resources are readily available and accessible. Yet, for a new entrepreneur like you, you might want to check what your line of interest is before starting a new business in Georgia. This is so that business is not only about earning but rather, it also makes you fulfilled and happy at the same time. read more

African Restaurants in Atlanta


Nigerian restaurants

  • Nations Café is one of the many African restaurants in Atlanta and it has two locations: Roswell Road and Hapeville. They cater to big events such as weddings and corporate functions. Nations Café has a specific Nigerian menu which includes delicious items such as Edikangikong and Egusi soup, Beef Suya, Nigerian salad, Jollof rice and more. Chef Okon James guarantees the authentic taste of their Nigerian food.  
  • Buka Restaurant and Lounge has been getting all sorts of positive reviews because of the amazing flavors, quick service, Nigerian music and reasonable price and is deemed as among the great African restaurants in Atlanta. Goat meat, efo riro, pounded yam and ayamese stew, catfish pepper soup and beef suya are some Buka favorites to try.  
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    Nigerian Businesses in Atlanta Georgia – Thriving in the Diaspora

    With the many businesses flourishing in Georgia, the Nigerian businesses in Atlanta seem to be the thriving as well despite the current diaspora they are in. Making up about a half of the whole population in Atlanta, blacks or African Americans have contributed many businesses in the city. In 2010, Atlanta was even named as the “Black Mecca” since it is the 4th largest city where black individuals are the majority and this is in the whole United States. But, you may ask yourself, why have Nigerian businesses in Atlanta continue to thrive despite the current economic state. Here are the reasons why. read more

    African Businesses in Georgia

    African businesses in Georgia are the leading contributor of the state’s rating on the economy of the United States. They top the business sector from simple small barber shops and beauty parlors to big and expensive bars and condominiums. The statistics show that most of these African businesses in Georgia are very widely spread in the City of Atlanta, which is the capital city of Georgia. This proves that Atlanta really is the nest of big commerce in Georgia. And these kinds of moneymaking industries they have got is not just a simple barber shop that is common among all, but big industries like hotels, data centers, clinics and many more. read more