The Nigerian Consulate in Atlanta – Attorney Zeb Ogueri

Attorney  Zeb Ogueri Having a Nigerian Consulate in Atlanta – Nigerian embassy in Georgia – is very important especially for Nigerian residents in the city. The consulate represents the Nigerian Government and the Nigerian people in Atlanta. The Nigerian consulate also offers many services,  reviews Nigerian immigration Attorney,  Zeb Ogueri. One can find visa application requirements, visa forms, tourist sights, … Read more

How to Start a Moving Company in Georgia –

Moving companies have grown in popularity. Households and even business establishments seek help of the experts in the moving labor services industry in transporting their things. How to start a moving company in Georgia is simple just like any other businesses. Initially you need to have the basic requirements. Then, you may heed the following … Read more

Georgia Divorce –

 Getting a divorce no longer as difficult as it was ten years ago thanks to a lot of legal aids who specialize in divorce cases, but that doesn’t mean it’s still going to be easy. Remember, you are separating from a legally recognized spouse and your divorce will be affecting each other’s future and that … Read more

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The bail bonding business first started in 1898. Now, there are bail bonding companies around the United States. Bail bonding companies offer bail bonds to the family of an accused criminal and requires a certain percentage of the bail amount set by the court to be given to them in cash. In Georgia, each county … Read more

Health Care Archives – Invest in Georgia

Whether you are an orthodontist, pediatric dentist, a prosthodontist, or anything related in the Dentistry profession, it’s not an unknown fact that all types of dentists pretty much have the same mission – to make people smile. Being a dentist is a different field. It has an artistic and medical approach buried beneath it. Maybe … Read more

Health Archives | InvestinGeorgia

Medical privacy in any health institution is the art of keeping personal medical information of a patient confidential. In that case, it is the responsibility of a medical practitioner to keep the information of his or her patient within himself or herself.  This is an important aspect for any doctor or nurse to practice in … Read more

Starting a New Business in Georgia –

Starting a new business in Georgia is easy when you have the right resources, location and idea. These considerations come in a package, wherein if you picked the wrong one in it; you might not be able to gain success in your dream business. Georgia is a state located in the south eastern part of … Read more

Atlanta –

“Oh, Atlanta Georgia what a wonder you are; heaps of fortunes that are never too far. A masterpiece of Southern charm lingers in your palm, surely never fades in the heart in everyday song that you sang.” Atlanta Georgia is known as the South’s unendorsed capital; however, there is more to this conurbation than its … Read more