African Restaurants in Atlanta –


Nigerian restaurants

  • Nations Café is one of the many African restaurants in Atlanta and it has two locations: Roswell Road and Hapeville. They cater to big events such as weddings and corporate functions. Nations Café has a specific Nigerian menu which includes delicious items such as Edikangikong and Egusi soup, Beef Suya, Nigerian salad, Jollof rice and more. Chef Okon James guarantees the authentic taste of their Nigerian food.  
  • Buka Restaurant and Lounge has been getting all sorts of positive reviews because of the amazing flavors, quick service, Nigerian music and reasonable price and is deemed as among the great African restaurants in Atlanta. Goat meat, efo riro, pounded yam and ayamese stew, catfish pepper soup and beef suya are some Buka favorites to try.  

South African restaurants

  • Another type of restaurant among the African restaurants in Atlanta are the south African restaurants like 10 Degrees South. 10 Degrees South is one of the most popular destinations for authentic South African food among the African restaurants in Atlanta. 10 Degrees South is a place that diners, bloggers and locals are raving about because of their South African dishes perfectly infused with other continental flavors. Highlights on the menu include dishes with ingredients like Cape Kingclip, Boerewors, Bird’s Eye Peppers and so much more.
  • Yebo Restaurant + Bar is appropriately named because “yebo” means “yes”. The restaurant located at Phipps Plaza, serves a good mix of South African and Southern food.  Their menu includes fried chicken with peri-peri sauce, biltong or African beef jerky, pretzel bread pudding to name a few. It is also a must visit in the list of African restaurants in Atlanta. 

Ethiopian restaurants

  • African restaurants in Atlanta also consist of Ethiopian Restaurants, one of which is Desta Ethiopian Kitchen. Desta Ethiopian Kitchen gives diners an authentic traditional Ethiopian feast for the senses. Desta means happiness, which the owners seek to give their clientele. Spices like cardamom, fenugreek herbs, berbere, and ground chillies are prominent in their Ethiopian food items. The best sellers include a vegetable sampler and the beef dishes dulet and kitfo. For an even more exciting experience, diners are encouraged to try the Ethiopian way of dining—using injera (sour flatbread) with bare hands to get food instead of using utensils. Desta has a great menu that has options even for vegan and vegetarian food lovers. The place is known as one of the most excellent African restaurants in Atlanta. 

Ghanaian restaurant

  • Among the African restaurants in Atlanta, Abena’s Home Taste is one of the few authentic Ghanian restaurants in Atlanta. Some of the Ghanian food items on their menu are fried plantains and beans, nkotomire and yam, emutuo (rice bowl) and banku and okro soup. Madam Rose, the owner is passionate about serving African soul food in Atlanta.  

Kenyan Restaurant

  • One of the African restaurants in Atlanta are Kenyan restaurants. Kenyan restaurants are not as prevalent as Ethiopian and South African food places in Atlanta. The closest to an authentic Kenyan food experience to be found in Atlanta happens to be at Daallo Restaurant located at Memorial Drive. The Kenyan food staples available at Daallo are ugali (cornmeal), Kenyan gourmet burger and irio (mashed peas and potato). Daallo Restaurant catered at the recent “Go Eat Give—Destination Kenya” event held at The Solarium at Historic Scottish Rite in Decatur.

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