African Businesses in Georgia –

African businesses in Georgia are the leading contributor of the state’s rating on the economy of the United States. They top the business sector from simple small barber shops and beauty parlors to big and expensive bars and condominiums. The statistics show that most of these African businesses in Georgia are very widely spread in the City of Atlanta, which is the capital city of Georgia. This proves that Atlanta really is the nest of big commerce in Georgia. And these kinds of moneymaking industries they have got is not just a simple barber shop that is common among all, but big industries like hotels, data centers, clinics and many more.

Here are some of the enlisted African businesses in Georgia that captured an awesome record for ratings in the past few years and up to now: (this is in alphabetical order, arrangement is not based on allotted income or ratings or any sort of statistical results):

Atlanta Life Financial Group Inc

  • B & S Electric Supply Co.
  • Carter Brothers, Atlanta
  • C.D. Moody Construction Co.
  • Citizens Bancshares
  • EARNEST Partners of Atlanta
  • Harrell Companies
  • Herndon Capital Management
  • H.J. Russell Co., Atlanta,
  • Jackson Acura, Roswell
  • Jackmont Hospitality,
  • Legacy Automotive Group, McDonough
  • Malcolm Cunningham Ford Lincoln
  • The Baran Co., Atlanta
  • The Gourmet Cos., Atlanta
  • TME Enterprises
  • Wade Ford, Smyrna


Aside from these towering ranked African businesses in Georgia, small businesses are also a plus factor in the economy of the state. It has been notified that they ranked as No. 2 in the United States who has the leading commercial activity like this. And according to a recent year analysis, black people contributed not less than five percent of this. This commerce starts from home based businesses to autonomously owned African businesses in Georgia which has employees for not more than but fewer than 300.

All in all, the best place for the blacks to set up African businesses in Georgia is in Atlanta, primarily because, they are mostly recognized in that place. It is where high or up-class of the blacks is situated. They are prominent in the world of politics, education, religion and business. It is the home of many African businesses in Georgia including the highest-flying insurance company in the United States – the Atlanta Life and also in real estate development which is the H.J. Russell Co.

Racism in the United States is not a common thought to anybody who would come across the dominancy between the whites and the blacks. In an article written online someone quoted lines that surely make a reasonable reason why Atlanta is the place where most of the black people dwell, she cited that, Atlanta is the only place where a black individual can stop working for somebody else, but instead to work hard for one self’s own good and success.  Atlanta has a magnetic effect to most of the young black men and women, especially those who wants to manage African businesses in Georgia. They believe that in this place they would surely earn a status quo that they wanted to have. This is also to make recognition of the fact that Atlanta has the most well-known institution and universities for blacks, where popular African men graduated and made a history. It is then no wonder that there are numerous successful African businesses in Georgia.

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