The Economic Climate of Georgia That Make it Great for Doing Business

economic climate

As a world economic superpower, the United States has come out as one of the largest economies of the world. This is attributed mainly by the rich states that are located in the US. The Georgia economic climate is favorable for carrying out business. This attracts investors to the state to venture into different businesses. Georgia registers most of its revenue from agricultural produce like peanuts, cotton, poultry, and cattle.

The availability of soils rich in nutrients and vast land makes Georgia economic climate suitable for agriculture. In addition to that, livestock rearing is a common practice in Georgia due to the ideal climatic condition in the area. Georgia is among the leading producers of eggs and broiler chickens in the USA. In addition to that it is the leading producer of fruits like peaches. This makes it to be one of the most important states in the US in the generating of revenue. read more

Georgia Divorce

georgia divorce lawyer

 Getting a divorce no longer as difficult as it was ten years ago thanks to a lot of legal aids who specialize in divorce cases, but that doesn’t mean it’s still going to be easy. Remember, you are separating from a legally recognized spouse and your divorce will be affecting each other’s future and that of your children. Here are some other things you must keep in mind while filing for divorce.  Divorce lawyer

  • The Future. Before fighting in court over custody or asset issues, try to mutually agree on how you will fairly divide your assets so that you know how your future may turn out after your divorce. Whether you choose to divide your assets equally or follow the terms of your pre-nuptial agreement, communicate your plan to your divorce lawyers so they may help you file your case.
  • Your Children. Try to reach an agreement regarding how you intend to take care of the children once you and your spouse get a divorce. You can come to an agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse about a parenting plan, which you would need to include in your divorce documents. Try to avoid a custody battle by agreeing on the best course of action to take for the sake of your children.
  • Your Assets. It is important to keep documents about the conjugal property so that they may be reviewed during your divorce. If you disagree on how they will be divided, your divorce lawyers will be able to help you explain to a judge which assets you should get if you have the proper documents at hand. 
  • Divorce Costs. Divorce costs not only money but time as well. Set aside some time to gather all the necessary information and papers before meeting with your lawyer, and make time for a meeting with a lawyer to discuss your case. If money is an issue, legal aids can also provide you with counsel if you would like to represent yourself in court.

Remember to be organized, level headed, and fair during your divorce proceedings. Always keep track of how the divorce proceedings are going and how much time and effort you will need to allocate for your divorce to be granted in a timely manner. A divorce is not always about two people fighting, as shown in many TV shows; it can be an organized and smooth process as long as you and your spouse do your best to be cooperative and respectful. read more

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African Clubs in Atlanta

Nightlife is always the fun part of being independent and well- off. So for many cultures, they find a club where they fit in and can express themselves fully. This is the feeling of wanting to belong. So, if you love to party, you are in Atlanta and you need to find any African Clubs in Atlanta, well, here are some clubs you might want to try.

  • Lava Lounge

Lava Lounge is one of the few great African Clubs in Atlanta. It is one of those clubs that has three entertainment levels. They play funk, house music, and hip-hop. It also has five bars offering sample martinis. Lava Lounge is located at 57 13th Street Atlanta, Georgia 30309. read more

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How to Start a Moving Company in Georgia

How to Start a Moving Company in Georgia

Moving companies have grown in popularity. Households and even business establishments seek help of the experts in the moving labor services industry in transporting their things. How to start a moving company in Georgia is simple just like any other businesses. Initially you need to have the basic requirements. Then, you may heed the following tips on how to start a moving company in Georgia. 

How To Start A Moving Company In Georgia: Head to the State’s Information Center

To know everything you must know about starting a moving company in Georgia, the centralized information center operating under the Georgia Secretary of State can be contacted. The said office is called the First Stop Business Information Center. It can help you on information regarding the necessary documents you must obtain and in contacting the offices where you could get them. read more

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How to Start a Security Company in Georgia

Securities have become a necessity for any business enterprise out there. They hire security companies for the protection of their employees as well as assets. As other business industries sprouted in Georgia, some individual are looking to start a security company. Here are some guidelines and steps to follow on how to start a security company in Georgia:

How To Start A Security Company In Georgia: Know How

  • Settle with your attorney and accountant on what business entity you are about to pursue before making      inquiries on how to start a security company in Georgia.
  • Prepare all the things and documents needed before applying for a license or permit. A business plan, marketing plan and of course the capital should be readied beforehand.
  • Contact the designated office for business licenses and permit in Georgia. Said office can be contacted through (404) 656-2817. They will guide you on what forms to fill-up and what documents to submit for acquiring the license as well as giving you the basics on how to start a security company in Georgia.
  • It would be required that your employee/s register through Georgia Applicant Processing Service for Livescan electronic fingerprinting. If there happens that the employee has a criminal history or has been subject to disciplinary action, court documentations would be required for submission. Only after the      fingerprint results are out the permit to carry arms would be issued.
  • For other certifications and registrations needed, forms can be found at the website of the Georgia Secretary of State.
  • Another important knowledge on how to start a security company in Georgia is the exam. Pass the exam scheduled through the PSI website. Once you pass, documents such as original certificate of liability insurance or a  certified audited financial statement, both of which has pre-set required  amount that should be stated in the certifications, should be submitted.
  • Other basic requirements on how to start a security company in Georgia are: age of at least 18 years old, no  felony convictions, must be a US citizen who has resided in Georgia for at least a year before application and has good moral character.
  • read more

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    How to Start a Trucking Company in Georgia

    The trucking industry has been a relatively growing business. Companies offer services depending on what the capacities of their trucks are and what are needed by the clients. Here are some guidelines on how to start a trucking company in Georgia.

    Tips on How to Start a Trucking Company in Georgia

    • Decide      on your type of trucking business. Some      companies only operate within the state while some do operations      interstate. This would also help in determining things such as type of      trucks, office and marketing later on. Interstate trucking companies might      need to pass more requirements compared to local ones.
    • Name      your company. Put in some branding and have the      name registered later on.
    • Purchase      the trucks. Choosing between purchasing new trucks or      hiring is up to you though purchasing one would be more useful in the long      run.
    • Contact      insurance companies. An important tip on how to start a      trucking company in Georgia is contacting insurance companies. Get      estimates on the costs of fleeting insurance. This will protect the      company, the client and the commodities if any damage is done while      operating.
    • Hire      an employee. Make sure that the employee has a      Commercial Driving License and has an experience when it comes to driving      trucks. The employee should also be passed in the screening on driving and      criminal history.
    • You may also refer to for any      other information, question or application forms that you may need.
    • Make      your business known. Posting on the internet and making      your contact number and location readily available through online      directories will help you in getting customers.

    Guidelines on how to start a trucking company in Georgia is almost similar in starting any other business. The basics are the registration process and the obtaining of needed documents for business registration. The difference lies on the qualifications and expertise of the employees depending o the nature of their business. These are the steps that you can follow on how to start a trucking company in Georgia. read more

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    How to Start a Bail Bonding Company in Georgia

    Get Out Of Jail

    The bail bonding business first started in 1898. Now, there are bail bonding companies around the United States. Bail bonding companies offer bail bonds to the family of an accused criminal and requires a certain percentage of the bail amount set by the court to be given to them in cash. In Georgia, each county was allowed to set their own regulation on how to start a bonding company. Starting a bonding company in Georgia means you have to abide by the licensing specifications set by each county. Here is how to start a bonding company in Georgia: read more

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    How to Start a Dental Practice in Georgia


    Whether you are an orthodontist, pediatric dentist, a prosthodontist, or anything related in the Dentistry profession, it’s not an unknown fact that all types of dentists pretty much have the same mission – to make people smile. Being a dentist is a different field. It has an artistic and medical approach buried beneath it. Maybe you can’t save people by having that profession; but you can surely help your patients have healthy teeth leading to a pretty smile. And that’s why a lot of dentists who are currently living in a community full of happy and vibrant people; are itching to know what’s the secret – on how to start a dental practice in Georgia. read more

    Starting a New Business in Georgia


    Starting a new business in Georgia is easy when you have the right resources, location and idea. These considerations come in a package, wherein if you picked the wrong one in it; you might not be able to gain success in your dream business. Georgia is a state located in the south eastern part of the United States. With its location and rich culture, resources are readily available and accessible. Yet, for a new entrepreneur like you, you might want to check what your line of interest is before starting a new business in Georgia. This is so that business is not only about earning but rather, it also makes you fulfilled and happy at the same time. read more

    Atlanta Immigration Lawyer Fees, Atlanta Deportation Attorney Fees

    An Atlanta immigration lawyer , Atlanta deportation attorney, compared with a Marietta immigration lawyer is known to charge slightly similar fees in representing Georgia immigrants both in filing for immigration petitions, such as: deportation and criminal defense, citizenship, work visas, asylum, green cards or obtaining permanent residence, asylum, deferred inspection, family based adjustment of status or representing clients in removal proceedings. Whether you are looking for an affordable deportation or immigration lawyer in Atlanta, Lawrenceville or Marietta, one that offers free consultation, a good, or even the best Atlanta immigration lawyer in Georgia,  immigration attorneys across the Nation seem to offer similar fee rates. read more

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    Starting a Real Estate Investing Business

    With the continuing increase of global population, the demand for shelter has also grown exponentially.  Nowadays, acquiring real estate properties has not only become a trend but also a need.  Hence, many investors are leaning towards starting a real estate investing business. mr buy house

    Unlike other investments such as bonds or stocks, the real estate investing business is very lucrative and time-consuming for the investor.  It needs careful planning and patience to reduce the risk of making bad decisions that will lead to losses instead of profits.  In going into the real estate investing business, the following basic steps should be kept in mind: read more

    Business Networking in Georgia – Where Should One Start?

    Georgia is what you would call an exponential growing economy. This is attributed by the fact that it has great potential to grow as an economic state in the USA. With a large number of entrepreneurs coming up to take the golden opportunities available, the sky is the limit for this growing economy. Business networking in Georgia on the other hand is the new kid in town. It involves the coming together of various professionals in the business sector whereby they aim to work together so as to generate referrals. This will encourage unity among different businesses and different professionals which will yield exchange of business ideas and hence ample support. read more

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    Popular Start Ups in Georgia One Should Consider

    Business might not be necessarily a big one and believe it or not most of the biggest companies around started from almost nothing, but now they are everything. Studies show that what makes the United States so competitive in the economic world, lingers in the very fact that they believe so much in small business and, Georgia alone contributes for as much as 722 thousand of the total of this kind of commerce. There are many popular start ups in Georgia that you can consider if you want to dive in small business ventures. read more

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    Tips on Selecting the Best Atlanta Lawyers for Your Case

     There is no keyword in picking up the best Atlanta lawyers that you can entrust with your case. Whether you are searching for a good effective Atlanta personal injury lawyer,  immigration lawyer in Atlanta or Atlanta car accident attorney, they are often difficult to be chosen especially in the trend of the modern justice we have in our contemporary and up-to-minute world right now. Maybe, there are some, but most may not be that credible. According to Howard Scher, on his article, “Litigation: The 5 Traits of Highly Effective Trial Lawyers”, experience and specialization in the field is not enough to opt for the perfect one, but perhaps, the following may be a good source of your guidelines: read more

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    The Nigerian Consulate in Atlanta

    atlanta immigration lawyer

    Attorney  Zeb Ogueri

    Having a Nigerian Consulate in Atlanta – Nigerian embassy in Georgia – is very important especially for Nigerian residents in the city. The consulate represents the Nigerian Government and the Nigerian people in Atlanta.

    The Nigerian consulate also offers many services,  reviews Nigerian immigration Attorney,  Zeb Ogueri. One can find visa application requirements, visa forms, tourist sights, public holiday dates and announcements , as well as many travel information that the Nigerian people in Atlanta should know about. read more

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    Considering Practicing Personal Injury Law in Metro Atlanta? Get to Know These Practice Areas:

    Considering a Personal Injury Practice? The Following List Can Help in Narrowing Down To A Practice Area:

    Personal Injury

    Personal injury refers to the damage inflicted to the human body, mind or emotions. This can be acquired through the following: accidents at work, accidents during sports activities, accidents at home, road accidents, physical attacks, simple tripping accidents, and others. Medical and dental malpractice can also result in . The degree of pain and suffering inflicted depends upon the intent or negligence of the responsible party. The injured party can claim for personal injury compensation through a settlement between the two parties involved or through a court judgment. The amount of compensation will depend upon the severity of injury. See this site : accident attorney read more

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    Law and Starting a Business

    The first thing you need to do when you have decided to start a business is to determine the structure of the business. Once you have decided on the structure of your business, you should arrange for financing of the business. When it comes to financing the first thing you need to determine the amount of money needed for the business and how you intend to use that money. You must also determine how you are going to repay the money you borrow. There are many sources of funding the business. You can always use your own funds. You can also depend on borrowed money from your friends, relatives and other investors. You can also borrow from commercial lenders, individual investors, government programs and venture capitalists. read more

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    Data Security Tips for Small and Medium-Sized Business Owners

    News about small and medium-sized business owners as well as individuals who got their files and data stolen or wiped out may not make the headlines in many newspapers and blogs, but it should be known to many that nobody is safe from cyber criminals. Even these people can be victims of cyber crimes not only big businesses and companies. It is therefore practical to devote some time and effort in intensifying your data security methods. Here are some critical tips that can save you or at least minimize your chance of being a victim of ill-intentioned cyber criminals who tends to weaken your data security the first chance they get. read more

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    African Restaurants in Atlanta


    Nigerian restaurants

  • Nations Café is one of the many African restaurants in Atlanta and it has two locations: Roswell Road and Hapeville. They cater to big events such as weddings and corporate functions. Nations Café has a specific Nigerian menu which includes delicious items such as Edikangikong and Egusi soup, Beef Suya, Nigerian salad, Jollof rice and more. Chef Okon James guarantees the authentic taste of their Nigerian food.  
  • Buka Restaurant and Lounge has been getting all sorts of positive reviews because of the amazing flavors, quick service, Nigerian music and reasonable price and is deemed as among the great African restaurants in Atlanta. Goat meat, efo riro, pounded yam and ayamese stew, catfish pepper soup and beef suya are some Buka favorites to try.  
  • read more

    African Attorneys in Atlanta Georgia – Why African Immigrants Prefer Them

    atlanta lawyer

    Attorney Zeribe Ogueri

    African lawyers in Atlanta Georgia – Why African Immigrants Prefer Them: Historically, 50 percent of Georgia’s population was composed of African American individuals. However, this number was reduced when African Americans decided to go to the north of the United States. Currently, 30.5 percent of the whole population of Georgia is composed of African American or Black individuals. It is this percentage which made Georgia rank third amongst the states having high percentage of African American individuals. It is no wonder then that many African immigrants can be found in Georgia and when talking about immigration, African attorneys in Georgia also come into light. Click here read more

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    Business Formation

    An experienced business law attorney can help you with business formation. When you decide to start a business, one of the main things to need to determine is the structure of your business. There are different legal structures for your business.

    Sole proprietorship is the easiest business structure. Sole proprietorship is the most basic and common of all business structures. It is the simplest of all business forms. They are the easiest type of entity to form and operate. Sole proprietorship is a business without corporation or limited liability status. The owner represents the business legally and fully. You need not file any paper work with the state. All you need to do is declare your business open. However certain types of business will require licenses from the State and professional licensing bodies. Consult with an experienced business law attorney to know if your business requires any license. You should not operate your business without the required licenses. read more

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    Is Your Medical Information Safe with Medical Privacy Code

    Medical privacy in any health institution is the art of keeping personal medical information of a patient confidential. In that case, it is the responsibility of a medical practitioner to keep the information of his or her patient within himself or herself.  This is an important aspect for any doctor or nurse to practice in their line of work. Medical privacy is one of the codes of conduct that is strictly followed by hospitals as well.

    Medical Privacy and Medical Procedures Some patients feel that their medical information may not be safe for medical practitioners meet different kinds of people on a daily basis. Because of this, they tend to shy away in giving complete details when undergoing medical procedures. For instance, there are various problems that patients present to their medical experts. They include cases of molestation, rape cases, infectious diseases, and domestic violence. But, giving incomplete details is not good as it may block in the way of giving appropriate and full treatment. For a patient to put their trust in a medical practitioner there is need to build a positive relationship. They should also remind the patients about the code they follow regarding medical privacy. As a result of this, the medical expert will be able to offer suitable medical assistance to the patient. The patients can also rest assured that no matter what the result of their medical diagnosis is, no other people will know about it since their medical health practitioners value the code of medical privacy. read more

    Zoning Laws

    Zoning laws regulate the use of land in a particular area of a city or town. The main objective of zoning law is to ensure that the city or town land is available for fair and orderly development. Zoning laws will determine the use of the land and the type of structure that can be built on the land. Generally zoning laws are passed by local councils. A person buying a plot of land to construct a structure on the land must check with the local zoning laws to ensure that he or she can construct the intended structure on the land and use it for the intended purpose. read more

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    Nigerian Businesses in Atlanta Georgia – Thriving in the Diaspora

    With the many businesses flourishing in Georgia, the Nigerian businesses in Atlanta seem to be the thriving as well despite the current diaspora they are in. Making up about a half of the whole population in Atlanta, blacks or African Americans have contributed many businesses in the city. In 2010, Atlanta was even named as the “Black Mecca” since it is the 4th largest city where black individuals are the majority and this is in the whole United States. But, you may ask yourself, why have Nigerian businesses in Atlanta continue to thrive despite the current economic state. Here are the reasons why. read more

    African Businesses in Georgia

    African businesses in Georgia are the leading contributor of the state’s rating on the economy of the United States. They top the business sector from simple small barber shops and beauty parlors to big and expensive bars and condominiums. The statistics show that most of these African businesses in Georgia are very widely spread in the City of Atlanta, which is the capital city of Georgia. This proves that Atlanta really is the nest of big commerce in Georgia. And these kinds of moneymaking industries they have got is not just a simple barber shop that is common among all, but big industries like hotels, data centers, clinics and many more. read more